Prescinto Technologies

Prescinto IIoT Platform cortechx designed for vendor independent connectivity; provides real-time insights for Solar PV plants. Offers comprehensive suit of services including fleet management, real time monitoring, performance bench marking and O&M automation.

  • Plug & Play / Device Profiling
  • Vendor & Hardware Agnostic
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • DC Monitoring
  • AC Monitoring
Plug & Play / Device Profiling
  • Centralized managed device library for major manufacturers
  • Allows adding and configuring devices
  • Timely updates for devices and performance profiling as and when available
  • Seamless integration of new devices at later date
Vendor & Hardware Agnostic
  • Integrate devices irrespective of device manufacturer
  • Timely updates for devices and performance profiling
  • Seamless integration of new devices at a later date
Performance Benchmarking
  • Monitor and benchmark devices based on their performance
  • Identify target areas for improvement and devices
  • Performance based alerts for devices and plant
Preventive Maintenance
  • Module cleaning cycle – define, manage and track module cleaning
  • Finetune module cleaning cycle based on losses due to soiling and financial economics
  • Define and track maintenance schedule
DC Monitoring
  • Combiner Box and String level monitoring, with string current deviation analytics
  • Inverter monitoring with manufacturer defined alarm and event code
  • integration for easier support and tracking
AC Monitoring
  • Monitoring of AC devices like energy meter, VCB, transformer and relays
  • AC Single line diagrams with support foradding custom diagrams at runtime
  • Grid analytics : grid out occurrences, grid out duration, irradiance loss due to grid outage and more